Digital Marketing & Analytics Consultant

Internet Marketing Service Rate Card

for HK Market ONLY

Digital Marketing Solutions
(one time setup fee)
Product Description (for HK Market ONLY) unit price Package A
Package B
(1) Adwords, fb, Yahoo/Bing Setup & Remarketing - (Search, Display, Mobile,…) ***(see below)
Bonus Offer: Baidu Setup
(2) HTML5 Banners - 1 Creative 23 banners for GDN, YouTube, tablet, mobile (19 HTML5 & JPGs) HK$14K  
(3) JPG Banner for Google, Yahoo & fb HK$4K  
(4) Analytics Analysis & Optimization (More Qualify Leads & Traffic)30 Days Support
Bonus Offer: Yahoo, Bing, fb, Instagram, 360, Baidu Cost Data in Analytics
(5) YouTube Channel, Video ad setup & YouTube Remarketing HK$4K    
Other Items
  Unit Price
(6) High Speed Web Hosting solution (HK node) & Support HK$10K/year
(7) Website migration, speed up & code update from HK$8K
(waive with Package A or B)
(8) 2nd Banner Set in Different Language - same creative as item 2 HK$7K
(9) SEM, Adwords & Analytics Optimization, Support & Maintenance *#(see below) HK$10K/mth
or 10% of managed spending
(10) Exclusive Service against named competitors or business category HK$20K/mth
or 20% of managed spending
(11) Consultation & Seminar Hourly Rate HK$4K /2hr 
(12) Cartoon Video ad production with Voice Over (below 30 sec.) and setup from HK$20K
(13) "JL Bear" plush toy (30cm) production with custom message.
$40/pcs(布牌), $48/pcs(膠牌), MOQ 500
We keep 10% for charity.
Rate might varies for eCommerce business. **or 10% of managed spending, whatever higher ***Managed Standard access ONLY.
* Include budget settings, ad update, online strategies & email support (no contract) #design production extra.